You may call me Miss Rabbit

For sometime I have felt my Dominance grow, I have allowed this facet of my being to develop its own consciousness to the point that it now desires to be satisfied and nothing less than your submission will suffice. Once a month I will be holding a Femdom day, the date will be advertised on […]


Miss Maxwell’s Meat

Filming was far more fun than i could have imagined. Having spent the prior evening crying on my back at my irrational fear of electric, waking up next to my Queen was a pleasant ordeal. Seeing Her innocent perfection in Her floral pajamas instantly filled me with soft butterflies and a cheesy grin. How did […]


Changed Times

As at 1st November my working hours are as follows: Wed & Thur evenings Monday’s that I’m not competing Tue & Fri all day Weekend all day (but filling up very fast/only one weekend left in Nov)


Lessons for a little one (Fantasy)

Panting i ran into the old classroom stumbling across the threshway nearly collapsing face first. Before i had any chance to regain composure our eyes met. Or more correctly i looked across the room to meet an the stern raised eyebrow and stern expression adorning the beautiful face of Miss Suzanna Maxwell. Without a second […]