Blood Moon Vampires

The full blood moon beaming down onto the deviants of society, those outside the bounds of socially acceptable behaviour, those not afraid to run free with their wolves, to embrace their true carnal natures, their bloodlust, their cravings, their true spirits. 

My first playtime of the evening involved my new black and blood red jute and a pretty little masochist. I don’t usually write of my ropey deviance for a few reasons: constantly being pulled between the euphoric top space of a pretty toy surrendering their movement, their body and their pain to you is balanced out with the need to remain fully conscious and steady handed to respect the safety of the one who entrusts themself to you. Watching what was promised to be a brat surrender herself to the agony of the rope, watching her relax and accept the jute that lie over her flesh, watching as she realises that all struggle is futile. It’s like watching art draw itself upon a canvas. Pure magic. A first ever suspension of kiki and it was an intense moment. Pulling her body across the floor by a handle created. Lifting her effortlessly into the air, her body collapsing into my every call. It was only once I was admiring her floating in her own moment of tranquillity that I even managed to look up and realise there were wandering eyes. Lost in a dance of rope and tormented peace. To be trusted with her first toe dip into the world of suspension was an honour. 

The group of hot bisexuals i attended with found a quiet spot, an empty medical room. Perversely white and abrupt it was perfect. The blonde Goddess first decided Her sub was to be wrapped, mummified in tight, black, pallet wrap. First his muscular torso disappeared to the latex like material, then his face removed and finally his legs. Completely anonymised, just a toy to be played with by his Mistress. Looking on mischievously, She meticulously cut out sectors of the wrap ready to create her art upon his flesh. I watched on in quiet but curious awe as She calmly ran needles across his pale skin and waited for the inevitable blood to begin to fill the small gaps. Flooding into a perfect red heart. She is clearly one for sharing as within moments Her enthusiastic Himbo and Mistress Tia also found themselves needle in hand, marking his skin with beautiful intent. He looked like a christmas calendar with doors peeled back revealing delicious little surprises to be enjoyed. 

Satiated with Her sub's art, Mistress asked if She could draw a flower on myself. It was unexpected, something i hadn’t yet experienced and yet the energy in the room was so relaxed and playful i had no hesitation in welcoming Her art onto my bosom. Dress dropped to reveal my naked breasts, nipples erect in excitement. I sat patiently on the bed ready to find out what it might feel like, watching the beautiful Alora be prepared for her needle scene. Such a loud party and yet this room full of friends was nothing but calm and relaxed. Mistress Tia and the boys stood watching on, flickering their attentions between scenes. Between my deep breaths hiding how wet the space between my thighs was quickly becoming and Alora’s perfect concentrated silence there was much to see. The pain was purely erotic was was unexpected. It was nothing like a scalpel or scratching. The thin needles tingled as they ran across me, the curves warming and relaxing. I watched as Mistress concentrated between strokes, waiting for the blood to show and reveal Her linework. Flowing hair framed Her warming subtle smile. A complete juxtaposition to the excited himbo in my eyeline, his enthusiasm spiking the room like a drug in the air. Eyes wide and desperate for my pain, for me to suffer as his Queens hands. His hands held tight like he was physically holding his zealous passion in. Her sharp metal talons drawing more and more. One flower had become an entire decolletage of art, my shaped canvas no longer to be blank. My gentle moans of pleasures i didn’t understand drawing Her sub closer, desperate to join in and leave a mark. Surprising myself with how safe and comfortable i felt in the space created, I welcomed him to join. Immediately taking up my left breast he began. The sweet smells of arousal and perfume filled me. As they began work drawing on my shoulders, the pain intensified, my head thrown back in an attempt to remain still not to ruin their. Blades running in alternating directions as though the metal was ripping me open. The lights, the electric music fading in front the outside chaos, his fluffy hair bouncing in the glaring white light as he lost himself in my flesh and blood. My latex panties a complete mess, the excitement filling them with nowhere to escape. 

Cascading blood painting the lines between the art, colouring in what could not yet be seen. My skin tearing itself apart slowly to reveal the deep red ink that left such intricate, pretty patterns. Each artist different and yet working in synchronicity. Their excited cheer boy still smiling on from a metre away, his grin filling me with strength to remain still as the swirls carved into the bone of my shoulder, my shaking biceps struggling to keep me up as blood began to refuse circulation. As the struggle began, Alora kindly offered her body against mine, holding me up steady and supporting my neck as she watched.

Articulated art. Intentionally positioned. Two artists with two brushes working harmoniously to draw ink from flesh.Permitted to allow myself a new experience, not only to be artistically drawn upon with sharps but to open my vulnerability up to a pretty boy assisting his beautiful partner in Her art. Consumed by lines, engrossed in Her work. A face so delicately serious as though my chest were being surgically reconstructed in complete contradiction to his childlike shimmer as he freehands the myriad of flowers and hearts, allowing the lines to flow freely with his desires and the suggestions of those in the room. The trio completed by his eyes alight with the pleasure of my aroused suffering at the hands of his beautiful partners. Admiring their precision with psychotic glee brimming from his bright complexion. 

The pleasure, the pain, the concentration.

Mistress continued Her masterpiece between my breasts onto my abdomen, signing Her initials in a large heart. My floating happiness, the euphoria of feeling others take control of my body, playing on the edge of acceptability, only intensified by the increasing torment of my torso being drawn upon. Little whimpers began to escape with my deep breaths as i took it. Happy to be back in my calm, safe, subspace. I wanted to bleed for them, i needed to be beautiful, to be their art. Peeking at my own body the blood ran across my chest. The drawing not clear until wiped. Like chalk run across an indentation, the blood remained in the crevices. An intricate flower garden painted in a pure red. I wore their art on display for the remainder of the evening, proud to have been the object She wanted to draw upon.   

Wandering the glorious playspace with not a care in the world, riding the warm hug of my blood and endorphins we enjoyed the party. Watching hot lesbian scenes, Mistress testing out gas masks as nonchalantly as though She were trying out a new kitchen appliance, familiar and new faces, enchanting hugs from friends re-invorating my euphoria, kissing and fucking, the air drenched in pheramones and lust. A paradise for the damned.  

Once more walking into the white of the room, the freshness greeting us with mischievous intent. This time with Mistress Elysia and Mistress Kitty joining us. Having spent several weeks (or months) winding Mistress Elysia up with notions of Her not being scary and friendly nicknames such as  Grandma i knew i had a long cheeky tab that was overdue to be settled. Mistress had been teasing me with ideas of suturing my lips up but what proceeded was far more cruel. A true fear scenario pushing my bounds of humiliation and my desire to be a good girl, to prove i am more than a brat. My dress was swiftly lifted so it became no more than an elaborate belt and my latex panties fully removed. The wet stickiness of the black latex enjoyed a welcome respite from my masochistic arousals. 

Watching the bag be unpacked and all the toys lie there, the dystopian veil dropping as an electro shank watched back. Something so inconspicuous and yet immediately filling me with dread. I didn’t even know if it was on, if there were batteries but i knew i was already scared. The blood paddle, metal hoops, wood, tawses, nothing else upon that table forced such a strong, overwhelming emotion as knowing there was an electro shank in the same room. I wanted to be brave, i really did. I wanted to not care, to not give in to the daunting possibility, to be indifferent and in hope that They would find it boring. For all my hopes and desires i could not hide my fear. Toying with me, the Dommes played at my clean flesh as my sore torso lie against the cold leather. Mistress Kitty offered some affection to my clear distress as She sat on the bed next to my head. Her seeming care however dissipated as i released She’d come to hold the chain between crocodile clips. The metal teeth bearing down on my sensitive nipples. So many different sensations overwhelming my ecstasy with euphoric confusion. Each time i squirmed the chain remained and my nipples tore away. The unrelenting clamps offering no reprieve to my tears. Metal sharp dragging across my skin, leather harshly kissing my thighs, wire interlocking with my glutes. They meant business and i knew i needed to be a good girl… 

The iron tongue of the loop licked upon my flesh leaving her mark with immediate effect. I could feel Mistress Elysia’s smile without needing to look, Their energy filling me with unknowing excitement. Like a rollercoaster that you know will have a drop, you just don’t know when. The pain continued in between my squeals every time the shank as much as changed angle let alone moved. Their Highness armed with the fittingly named Devils tawse and Mistress Elysia with all manor of metal implements. My legs becoming wetter with the excitement of trepidation, forsaking my body in its twisted delight. This was inevitable payment for my incessant cheek and continuous insistence that Mistress Elysia be not scary in my naive eyes. Both seemingly impervious to my pleads of desperation, my begs of mercy and my squeals of sheer terror. If anything, my distress seemed to be a cheerleader filling the room with sadistic motivations. Inauspicious attempts to remain calm in the face of my greatest fear broken by the evident drench of cold sweat hugging my upper body and the quivering muscles that once crushed men between them. The room filled with beautiful Queens and their concubines and my embarrassment. Having not even been zapped yet my squealing and pleading echoed desperately from the walls to no avail. My irrational fear of sharp electrics driving smiles upon faces, desperate to remain still and not move and yet needing Mistress to force my head into the now wet leather bed, holding me still and unable to see Her latex clad perfection or the torment She so consistently carried out.

My volition abandoning me upon the rocks of my fear. My body no longer calm or composed or even remotely under control as the teasing continued. Unable and un-allowed to see what was happening somehow made the threat even harsher to bear. Jumping at every mere touch for fear that it would be ghastly electric. The torment of not being brave before a room of beautiful people, defeated by mere electric. I could hear the facetious face metal coating of the shank laughing at me through my tears.

Satiated with my state of sheer terror, Mistress Elysia and Their Highness Angelique decided to put the shank away and collect more… intimate weapons. The blood moon in full force, its magnetic prowess felt through the walls as it pulled the raw, violent bloodlust from those in the room. Many had abandoned my screams at this point leaving less witnesses to my interrogations. Mistress Elysia had abandoned Her long, shiny, black boots to allow for more bouncing about and perhaps more force? Two vampires adorned in black, one evil seductress in latex and a cute temptress in sheer. 

Even at the first impact, the sharp spikes welcomed home by my reddened bottom, alternating between the spiked paddle and the dense wood filled with gemstones. I could already feel my life fluid escaping, dripping from me like my excitement. My reward for offering my fear, to bleed once more and encapsulate the true essence of the blood moon. The glossy gems bouncing against my thighs and bottom in an agonising dance, it’s partners scratching at my flesh, removing that which holds me alive. The perfect balance of stingy and thud, every strike now drawing more red stickiness from my weeping glutes. I began relaxing into the pain, the drips between my thighs now glowing red, my arousal being not the only escape from my body to be seen. The room fading away, white washing into a distance as the walls grew further from me, untouchable and yet my blood touching them. No one else existed, no music from the outside could permeate these walls no more, this bubble of bloody euphoria taking the three of us to a safe, quiet space where only moans reverberated the bounds. Their dancing as they swapped places to ensure an even beating like fairies dancing in the night. Her latex occasionally brushed my skin of Her claws dragged across me. Two nefarious pixies out to cause chaos. 

As i began to notice a struggle of the affliction i swapped from aimlessly staring to watching the red glitter dance on my deep black nails. It shimmered like the blood now coating my whole body. Time no longer was welcome here, it had no control over the moment curated. There was only us. 

Enthralled to the dance of worship without moving, my chest noticeably sore from the sweating leather. I lifted myself up only to be greeted with warm sprays of red coating the back of my neck, the purity of my dress was no more. More red than white as i continued to offer myself to them. To be a good girl and allow whatever they desired to take. Such a submerged calm compared to the previous factory of fear. At some point Wolfdug was made aware of the nights end and so the blood moon was complete. Proudly adorned with my blood sacrifice, wearing the marks of my friends, i claimed a hug and we left to rejoin the confines of humanity once more. Although thanks to Halloween, for once walking through the streets wearing my blood wasn’t noticeable…

Location/Event: Celestial Studios, Circus Maximum Events

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