Time of the month

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The table laid. Dinner ready. Date night was upon us. This week had been nothing but treacherous and i was quite ready for an evening of romance and a weekend spent curled up with my beloved. Much to my surprise (although by now i am not sure why anything remains a surprise when addicted to the most incredible Woman, Goddess and creature born of this earth), my exquisite Queen announced with a tussle of Her dark brown hair that as of 10pm that evening we would be in high protocol.

“My dear bunny, surely you know a little strict discipline has been needed for a few weeks now and with both our calendars empty what better time to remind you of your place”

Her sultry calm tones, the unquestioning statement filled me with the entrancing chaos of excitement to surrender. Her delicate nails running down my throat as i chewed on my anxious lips. Even though i wear my day collar as a subtle yet constant reminder of the true nature of our relationship, I adore being reminded of how i crave to submit everything to Mistress, to be reminded that i exist for Her pleasure, to be reminded of my place. Rendered silent and already subdued for the remainder of the evening i enjoyed my last few hours of freedom and thinking for i would require neither of those things in the hours or days to come.

The ominous quiet of the house filled my senses, overwhelming me with the possibilities and potentials but before my brain was allowed to overthink, Mistress was astride me. Sitting on me, eyes meeting eyes. That beautiful glint of mischievous wickedness smiling back at me, whispering promises of carnal corruption and deviance beyond my simple mind's capability. I leant into to kiss her bright red lips, my desire overwhelming my body, removing my volition and manners. It were *almost* as though She meticulously calculated the minutes and had intended to frustrate me beyond repair just as the clock struck 10. A sudden sharp sensation bridled my unsuspecting face as Mistress’s delicate hands connected with my flesh. The rush of blood warming me, part pain, part embarrassment as in pure silence She took my arm and dragged me upstairs to the playroom. Watching Her peach perfectly mount each step, bouncing, elegant and yet teasing. I almost felt deceived into the shackles, too entranced by Her iridescent beauty to notice my liberty being liberated into solid steel. The wrist chains firmly held me to the floor next to the bed. Naked, cold, the wooden floor shining back at me in attempts to welcome me in for the night. Still smiling and admiring the different angles of beguiling grace as Mistress locked the chains onto my ankles and then swapping my delicate gold chain day collar for Her preference. A heavy, solid steel ring weighing down on my neck. No moment of true relaxation could be accomplished whilst this constant reminder of who i belonged to, whose property i am, lie heavy on my collar.

Her tightly fitted denim jeans and more than a little see through blouse had been swapped for the most incredible silk nightgown. Her face glowing with sadistic desire and the sheer adoration of knowing i would, i will do anything for Her pleasure, anything She desires and do so with eager insistence. Very unlike the casual Rabbit, this bunny had remained silent throughout, i had not been permitted to speak and even if i were, my tongue had lost herself in tangles of gushing compliments she wished to pour over Her, of all the love notes she wished to write upon Her body. The luckiest bunny in the world. 

Mistress’s gleeful calm energy shifted, a wicked grin growing upon Her face as She revealed the bunny detailed nappy behind her back. Her hypnotic voice calmly explaining i am to lie still and have this piece of decorated padding wrapped on me, that i am no longer a girl and as such, as Her thing, i would no longer be permitted to ask to use the bathroom. If She feels so inclined i maybe gifted the use of porcelain but i can not under any circumstance request it. 

Utterly humiliated and curled up the best i could in such a predicament i quietly fell asleep at Her feet, blissfully knowing Her silk robe would be caressing her curves between the blankets. My frozen slumber was short-lived. Dragged into consciousness by the scruff of my hair, Her sharp taloned hand connecting with my cold, sleeping cheek. Before my eyes had even fully opened i could feel Her silk grazing me, i had surrendered myself to the enslaving scent of carnal desire. 

“Open wide”

Two little words with such sharp intent. Moaning gently as my jaw relaxed open allowing my wet tongue to peak out, I knew exactly what Mistress meant by open. The darkness of the room all consuming, there was little point trying to see but all the same i tried. Her lips so close to my mouth, teasing me with the reward i desired above all. Awoken in the middle of the night my Mistress still glowed with elegant beauty as the hallway antique lighting reflected gently off Her complexion. Her dark hair flowing freely down the sides of Her face, caressing Her picturesque perfection. Piercing eyes smiling down on me as the dribble began. A bitter, acidic dribble continuously pouring into my open mouth. Trying not to gag or choke as the yellow liquid bounced against the back of my eager throat, desperate to be a good girl and be of use. The bunny print nappy crinkling as i squirmed at the predicament, my cheeks flushed and warm as i swallowed every last drop. Quietly waiting in anticipation as Mistress lowered herself onto my wetted lips and allowed me the honour of licking Her clean. My slutty mouth smugly smiled as i moaned into Her, the nappy becoming wet with sticky excitement. As abruptly as i was woken, Mistress’s delicate hands pushed me back down to the floor, my excitement bridled. I softly managed to utter a Thank You to my Queen before nuzzling back into the warm patch i had created on the wooden floor, my arm as a pillow and slipping once more into a submissive slumber.

Morning broke, the shimmers of light creeping through the blush pink curtains, before i had achieved a notable state of consciousness i felt the harshness of a cold foot tapping on my cheeks. Awaking to be greeted by Her soft pedicured feet i couldn’t help myself but kiss them good morning before amounting to my knees and looking up at sheer perfection. Toned, sun kissed legs meeting a perfectly peachy silhouette of bottom and then breasts hidden by silk. Waking up craving Her, knowing my place in Her world. Snapped out of my blissful adoring haze by a swift slap, Mistress nefariously peered down at my pink cheek before questioning me: 

“Who do you belong to” 

Before i even had a chance to reply, another slap was harshly placed without hesitation, and then another and another. Struggling to hold my face up at the sheer force of Her hands, whimpers dripping from my mouth as inauspiciously attempted to say “You Mistress”. The slapping became harder, both cheeks rouge red and sore, one hand always under my chin keeping me looking up, gazing into Her eyes as Her sultry voice continued to echo that simple question. Warm salty tears now streamed out my eyes in desperation, my dry lips finally succeeding in forming a sentence before the next slap paused me mid speech: 

“You Mistress, i belong to You” i begged through sore eyes. Without breaking eye contact for even a brief second, my Queen lifted Her silk robe out of the way, pulled my sweaty hair back until my jaw dropped open and she poured Her fresh morning champagne straight into my mouth. The warmth was welcomed but first thing in the morning was always a struggle to swallow. Bloodshot eyes still draining i stared up through the salt at Her merciless complexion, holding back gags with sheer compulsion i swallowed mouthful after mouthful. With each gag i allowed not Her grin of satisfaction grew. She knew, She wanted the struggle, She wanted me to remember my place.

My mouth reverberated Her taste as i ushered timidly down the stairs, rubbing my sore wrists as i went. The shackles may have been removed so that i may cook Her favourite breakfast but the heavy, cold collar and humiliating nappy still remained. Still not allowed to ask to use the toilet i was beginning to fear that i may have to suffer this embarrassing predicament sooner rather than later. Making my way up the stairs my thighs gripped tightly together as though that may help hold it in. She took so long devouring breakfast, each mouthful seemed to extend an eternity as i squirmed on my knees in bladder torment. Finally i couldn’t take it anymore, i surrender to Her ghastly plan and allowed the never ending flow to fill my nappy, it grew squishier and fuller, holding my own warmth against me in anguish. 

Still kneeling with my sodden embarrassment caressing me, i was permitted to worship Her feet, kissing them with the deep devotion they deserved, each toe adored, my tongue tracing the curves and wrinkles as though i intended to map Her feet to memory. To know them, their scent, their feel. Utterly besotted, my pains have washed away, a calming space flooded over me. Arousal increasing in the room as Mistress began moaning at the pleasure, pulling me up Her sensational legs one kiss at a time until the coffee was placed onto the floor and i found myself deep between Her thighs. Lost in Her pleasure, Her pleasure becoming mine as i squirmed in my wet nappy, grinding it against the bed frame as if to contain my excitement. Moaning in Her wet pussy as i ensured She was fully satisfied. 

I didn’t dare ask for a release or even that the nappy be removed, simply kneeling with a puppy-like complexion as i awaited my next order. Position 4 had me kneeling up, hands behind my head and looking firmly at the floor as Mistress proceeded in Her inspection. Prodding a poking, She took great enjoyment in teasing the fullness of my nappy, whispering into my ear what a filthy slut i was, how i would be whatever She desired, whenever She desired, and right now i was Her slutty piss slave. The redness returned to my cheeks and by butt cheeks clenched in my sheepish awareness before Mistress placed a bowl of breakfast scraps and fresh spit on the floor for me to enjoy. 

Finishing my much needed breakfast i saw Mistress was beautifully dressed in leather and furs. Elegant as always, Her red lips demanding attention as i watched Her desires permeate the playroom. My hands obeyed before i was fully aware and i found the harsh weight of a tawse crashing down on them enough to distract me from Her beauty. Relentless tawsing, the purples already beginning to show on my hands. I shouldn’t have been so careless in how i left the kitchen. Quivering but still holding Her gaze between strokes i thanked Her for my punishment, for taking the time to train me into Her perfect toy. 

Unable to close or touch my hands from the sheer agony, Mistress laid out the sharp kneeling pad to face the corner of the room. An articulated hand gripped onto mine as She led me over, trying not to wince or pull away as i followed. Wrists once more shackled but this time behind my back, pulling them down to lower my naked knees onto the matt. The sheer enthralling pain of the needle spikes digging into my shins lie in paradox with the pleasure of Her nails running through my hair and down my back. The alluring symphony of Her demands for me to remain still upon the mat whilst She went to meet a friend for lunch resonated through me long after i heard the key turn in the front door. 

I wouldn’t dare move for fear of disappointing but even if a bratty inclination overtook me, knowing the room camera was pointed directly at my predicament would be enough to deter. My perpetual pain deepened with every minute She was gone, the spikes allowing gravity to do their work as i was pushed deeper and deeper into numb agony. Trembling within the hour but still remaining of my own volition. Desperate to be a good girl for my Queen. 

By the time i heard laughter enter the house i was in tears once more. A slow burning stream of agony escaping my eyes in attempts to call for help. Two beautiful Women entered the room but i could only hear them and smell the sweet perfumes intertwine. Adamant on behaving i remained silently crying into the corner of the room as Mistress floated over, Her hand resting on my quivering shoulder as She informed Her friend that She could use me however She liked, do whatever She pleased and much to my nerves She even added what a good piss slut i am. Having not even set eyes upon this Woman i was gifted away. A toy to be used and shared however my Mistress see’s fit. 

Ordered to stand by this second Goddess, a tall blonde modelesque woman who was dripping with control, i obeyed without question. Her smile glittering with deviance as She slowly removed the soaked nappy from my bottom, pushed me back to my knees by my throat and then secured the nappy over my face. The wetness hugging me, stinging as it seeped into my eyes, sticking between hairs as all the liquid was held securely in. The pair laughing at my humiliation fuelled fidgeting. I could no longer see them, i could only smell the sharp urine, breathing through piss scented air. My face pushed down to the floor so that the wetness ground between the hardwood and my cheekbone, bottom in the air and then i felt it. A giant silicone dick forced inside me. Mistress’s friend pushed deeper and harder, my wet pussy taking it all like a hungry slut. I could hear my gorgeous Mistress’s laugh from the bed as She enjoyed the show. Every now and then my moaning drivel broken up by a shriek as i was zapped, the area continuously changing. Entirely unpredictable torment at the hands of two Queens. Dribbling into my own filth and unable to move, only capable of being used for Their pleasure. I could feel Her leather jeans rub against my bottom as SHe pushed Herself in again and again. One hand firmly forcing my soaked face through the floor as She conquered me like the romans. 

At some point there was a break of sorts, the nappy was removed and thrown into the mess bowl, Her beauty finally visible to me now when i strained my neck against the wood to peer round.  i knelt, bent over, already broken and at their mercy. I saw my Mistress retrieve the unmistakable red tube of deep heat and my red shock collar. Handing one to Her friend and the other placed around my neck i managed a weak smile before being pushed back down. MIstress took Her remote and returned to lie on the bed to drink a coffee. Her shirt unbuttoned to reveal Her perfect breasts. The desperation to stare at Her in such a carefree disposition was near overwhelming. 

The burning didn’t come immediately, Miss pushed a large member into my bottom using only the deep heat as lube. Gently thrusting herself against me, pushing all of Her inside my eager bottom i gargled in confused pleasure. Gargles turned to moans and then to whimpers as the burning grew. With each minute of increased burning, Mistress took great pleasure in zapping me with the collar. A  complete drivel of noises exploded from my mouth as the pain and electrics tormented me. With no clitoral stimulation it was somehow on edge, being edged, over and over each time my neck was shocked and Her giant member thrust deep into me. Screaming in agonising euphoria i came. Dribbling onto the floor as i screamed through the climax. Both Queens uncontrollably laughing at my misfortune as i was still being zapped and fucked through the ruined orgasm. My raw knees burning as they rub on the hard floor, held up by my throat Mistress perversely tells me i am to beg to pleasure Her friend, that i am to beg them for the privilege of being Their little whore, just fuck holes and a tongue. Awakened from my painful daydream i began with my most desperate beg possible. Making my craving to please and be useful reverberate throughout the room, flattering and beseeching as much as i could muster. Mistress tilted my head back in anticipation as Her friend began to lower herself to my mouth, just before my tongue could reach i was flooded, waterboarded. Her champagne flowed freely over me, in my mouth, my eyes, all over my body as Mistress laughed at my shocked disposition. 

“Maybe next time bunny” 

Four little words mockingly uttered before the exquisite blonde Goddess departed. 

Mistress unchained me all but my collar and allowed me to clean up, first the room and then myself as She lounged downstairs with a fresh coffee and an abundance of social media updates to catch up on. I prepared myself with a steamy hot shower before preparing a beautiful charcuterie board for Mistress to enjoy as She decompressed and i nuzzled Her soft legs in my happy space. 

Stroking my still wet hair causing me to purr, Mistress ceremoniously produced Her book of misdemeanours. All the mistakes i had made in the last month, written down in ink, a formal list of all my deviances. The ominous tranquillity of the room sunk in as Mistress read them aloud. Her soft, sultry tones were flattering to hear as i was read my sentence.  5 strokes for each infraction has somehow amounted to 270 owed. I swallowed the begging to reduce the number remembering my vow to obey and simply replied with a respectful “Yes Mistress, I am sorry”. 

Strung up to the suspension point in the centre of the room i stood there completely vulnerable. Naked. Ready to accept whatever Mistress desired. Each whip stroke cut in like a blunt knife, my moans became giggles and then screams as my back painted red in affliction. My skin were as though melting from the bones and we had barely begun. Each round of 10 more tormenting than the last, Her sadistic smile being the only light i could see. Each time i began floating in an ocean of endorphins a sharp crack snapped me back to agonising drama. Before we’d even reached 60 my leg was shaking, my structural integrity held up by two cuffs attached to the ceiling. Nowhere to go but through. Her rose scent mixing with my fear fueled sweat as i endured. Living for the breaks, for the moments She softly caressed Her art, admired the painted glow upon my weakened flesh. Tears running once more, it seemed the theme of the day. Mistress gently placed a ball gag in my mouth as i gazed into her seductive, bright, brown eyes. Pools of motivation to endure, whispers of promises that my torment will end. 

On hitting 160 strokes to my back and bottom, the blood seeping through and getting stuck to my sweaty skin, Mistress kindly allowed me to swap some strokes for the cane… but i would be allowed to choose the location of my punishment. The sets had been upped, tedious stretches of 15 strokes of smoked singapore dragon cane sliced through me. 30 to my bottom, 15 to my thighs, 15 to my calves, 15 to my biceps and the final 15 were to be to my bottom but via the Sjambok. 

My life fluid now flowing with freedom dripped onto the floor, the soft erotic music circling the room as Mistress lay stroke after stroke after stroke. Each time i bounced about or twisted in agony i was met with a stern yet secretly playful face that silently reassured me i should return to my designated position. The reprise of my bottom was far from a mercy as my anguish exceeded to become overwhelming as strong lines formed across my thighs and calves. Jumping and screaming through the gag it did nothing but exasperate the agony. 

The final 15 were a gift. Already defeated and surrendered entirely to my Queen, the Sjambok threw bruises at my bottom. Deep, warming pain, the kind that forces your whole body to relax into it as the hide kissed upon my flesh. My moaning and smile resurfaced. An implement feared by most ironically providing the most comfort. Shaking but managing to maintain a small level of composure i stood for the full 15 however as Mistress reached above my head to undo the cuffs i softly collapsed at Her feet once more. All strength having left i was simply Hers. 

Gently Mistress cleaned my wounds, a complete mood change from moments earlier. Wrapping me up warm in a blanket, head resting on Her lap as i mellow and purr to being told what a brave, good girl i was. How She was so proud of me and knew i could do it. Falling asleep on Her lap as Mistress enjoys our favourite Femdom film (the Duke of Burgundy), nails caressing my hair like a sharp lullaby.

Mistress woke me once the film was over and we returned to the bedroom. This time i was simply instructed to pleasure Her. to worship Her. Starting with a full body massage before my lips became entangled with Her skin, I kissed and touched and adored every inch of Her body. Worshipped Her the way every true Goddess deserves to be worshipped. Only when Her moans were enough, when Her arousal was satiated was i allowed to rest my aching jaw. Her juices coating my face, my nostrils filled with Her scent. As a reward i was left unchained, curled up with a pillow on the floor next to Her bed. Blissfully falling into a much needed sleep. 

Just like a dream, when i awoke the following morning, my gorgeous Queen was waiting for me to join Her in bed for a lie in and snuggle, skin against skin, decompressing and re-romancing after the last day. I had no hunger so i lie with my head on Her lap as She enjoyed Her morning coffee in bed. Both smiling and still, our private little world in perfect balance.