Whiplash Wonders

My first doubles day of the new year and second visit to play at Whiplash Towers was upon us. Excited to be in FemDom and playing was an understatement, I had bravely mentioned to Miss Nikki beforehand about caning and secretly hoped it would be harsher than the first time. I was so ready to float again, to disappear into my happy space even if only for a few minutes. Due to a lack of riding in January however, I had discovered my sensitivity had increased. I prayed I wouldn’t embarrass myself in-front of this formidable FemDom force. To be a complete wimp, to break or be unable to take the pain I had been craving for weeks… or worse, to do so in the presence of a boy.

I must have ejected a thousand words a minute from my mouth the second I walked into the dungeon, the nervousness was real. Miss Nikki certainly had more patience than most entertaining my constant diarrhea of utter nonsense without feeling the need to slap or gag me for the sake of Her own sanity. For the first time ever I was walking into a FemDom session without a Mistress of my own, with no one else to make proud, no rules to follow but my own, no one to cuddle me after but Thumper. For the first time being just rabbit. Representing me, trying to be polite and respectful for me. The nerves were real. Thankfully with Her warming smile, relaxed demeanor and welcoming attitude, it didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable again and we were getting ready and laughing in no time.

The first session of the day was certainly a fun one. A boy strapped to a chair, vulnerable, merely a toy for the pleasure of Miss Nikki. Kneeling on the soft red rug I gazed up at the alluring Domina as She elegantly graced us both, teasing the boy, positioning Herself ready for a display of obedience and lust from two very naughty toys. As instructed I found my hand soft sliding along his shaft, the gentle increase in size with each careful stroke, each teasing movement as instructed by Mistress. She taunted that he would not be allowed to cum, he would endure my endless teasing and torment without allowing himself to release… and should i be careless enough to cause an orgasm without Her permission… the consequence would be mine to bare.

“Come on then rabbit, show me what you can do with your mouth”

Miss Nikki rested to my right, Her piercing green eyes flickering between the boy and i as She dictated what Her toys were to do, how i was to put it in my mouth, take it all the way down my throat, again and again for Her pleasure. Teasing the tip and flicking my tongue as Her soft opulent voice praised me. His deep breaths and moans drenched the room with each deep throat, each time I slid his long member into my mouth. My girl parts throbbing almost as hard as his dick as i followed every instruction, pushing my reflexes to their limits, hearing her sultry tones as Miss toured the show, ensuring She got a full view of his expressions as i swallowed him on Her orders. The menacing smile adorning Her beautiful face as She held my head down, no real force but enough that i understood exactly what She wanted. No desire to fight Her, just to surrender and be a pretty little toy, to suffer no breath for as long as She wanted to hold me down. The longest thirty seconds of my life, fighting back the instincts to breath and relieve myself; instead focusing on giving Mistress a display.

The throbbing heightened only to be stopped by Miss. I felt his desperation each time he was held back, each time Miss denied his pleasure and removed me, paused Her show and tormented the boy so that I would have to start again. Her nails tickling his inner thighs, running up his skin, temporarily distracting his insatiable need to orgasm. The poor boy never stood a chance. His body had tensed for nearly the whole period, drenched in my spit Miss made me suck it all back up, clean him. Then go again and again and again. Relentless teasing until the pleasure melted into pain. Even when he was finally allowed the release, as the cum dripped down my palms She tortured his sensitive member with the Doxy, laughing at his clear discomfort and desperation, allowing me to speak the countdown until the agonising bliss would finish.

Facesitting. I had done my research and was quite aware Miss Nikki is incredibly good at face sitting. What I didn’t account for however is just how much She enjoys pushing you to the complete edge. How the gentle sits, tights resting on my face and some weight was a mere warm up. How with each sit, each position change I would be struggling more and more, desperately gasping and craving oxygen. How I would be fighting my instictive need to move and instead surrender, allow Miss Nikki to control when and for how long I was allowed breath. To writhe in arousel beneath Her warm bottom as She pushed me harder and further with each sit. Her concise words all i could hear and occasionally when allowed, Her delicate face smiling down on me, laughing at my frenzied exasperation. My pleading eyes begging for mercy as my mouth was silenced. The sudden desire to thank Her for allowing me to breath again, to thank Her for something that a mere 10 minutes prior i was taking for granted. My pathetic soft whimpers that leaked through the Wolfords merely entertaining Her as She rested Her Louboutins on my dripping nunny, teasing and taunting me all whilst denying me of a human need. Her dominance harshly reminding me of the food chain i had placed myself in. my left hand occasionally found its way onto Her leg, gently stroking the silken material, wishing it was Her skin i could feel, hoping i wasn’t being out of place or getting myself in trouble. It were as though we were trapped in a paradox of time. Each sit felt to last an hour as my lungs tried to reuse the air over and over until every last molecule of oxygen was taken. Strangely my focus was never on my survival as i suspected but rather on how i would impress, how i would ensure She was not denied of a moments sitting. How i had Mistress Nikki Whiplash in all Her wondrous glory sitting on my face. A predicament most submissives could only dream of. I could smell Her, feel Her. So close and gently evil. My body softly writhing as not to disturb Her comfort, my legs unsure of how to position themselves as the stickiness grew between my thighs with every denied breath. And then it was over. Off Miss got and the pleasant torment was done with. As quickly as my breath had been taken, it had been returned, albeit leaving me a little more humble, a little more quiet and mildly embarrassed at how much i had underestimated the difficulty of being facesat.

Next came the caning I needed and yet in the moment found myself juxtaposed between the brave rabbit I wanted to be and knowing Miss Nikki’s sadistic reputation. Clearly the smothering breathplay had left me somewhat dumb as Bastinado seemed a marvellous idea. How hard could it be …

Her soft hands warmed my cold bottom, each impact leaving a warming comforting kiss on my skin, I lie on the bench relaxed and enjoying the contact, content with the warming skin of my bottom as Miss grew harder with each slap, marking me, painting my bottom in a soft hue of pastel colours. Until She picked up Her first cane of course. A Junior Dragon cane. Even the name sounds daunting. Once more i was captivated by Her alluring charm and voice, asking whether my bottom or feet should taste Her sting first. “Whatever You want Miss” i feebly uttered as the already wet patch between my legs continued to grow and drench the little material that lie between me and the cold leather bench. The only response i seem capable of mustering when restrained and at the mercy of a beautiful Woman. My girl parts continued to grow wetter with each gentle tap to the foot, mistakenly thinking that’s how hard Mistress Whiplash intended to hit them. The first sting was akin to a thousand wasps targeting the same spot. The fiery burning coursed through my entire nervous system as the soft, exposed skin of my sole succumb to Her sadism. My first scream only met by nefarious laughter as I was reminded that the dungeon was soundproof, that no one could hear or would help me. I was strapped down and had little choice but to suffer this pain that I needed. The first six left me near crying, my right foot agonisingly sensitive, stinging and welted. Miss ran the cane along the welts of my defenceless skin, forcing my body to writhe at the agony as She teased the pain from me. Already, only 6 in and the adrenaline was flooding my systems, the fresh stinging starting to form a bubble around me, holding me in the warm floating euphoria of endless torment. The next 6 were no kinder. I had started grabbing at my back and hair, desperately trying to contain myself, to force myself to surrender to Mistress and allow Her to create art upon my flesh, to give Her my body as Her playground of malevolence. Fighting my urge to move and flee with Her soft reminders that this is what I needed, it is what I asked for and it only took one look to see Her smile. The undeniable Sadistic pleasure glowing from Her face as She so expertly swung the cane, allow the Dragon to kiss my foot with his sharp tongue. One last attempt to find mercy and instead I was met with a gleeful Mistress enjoying my submission. Her blonde hair glowing in the lights, emerald eyes glistening as they whispered to me that we were not even half way through …. taunting me of all the torment yet to come. All i had left was my breath and the silence of my mind as Mistress began painting my bottom.

I wanted to be brave. I needed to be brave. A game only. I couldn’t embarrass myself before such an accomplished Domina. But I do not remember caning hurting this much. Squealing and moans and screams exploded from my body as my skin adjusted to each affliction. Miss Nikki was just as vicious as I had imagined. Trying to watch Her smile but too nervous to watch the impact I found myself staring at the bench. All i had left was to focus on breathing and allowing the overwhelming pain to fill and comfort my body. To allow it to lift me into my quiet space so i could relax and take whatever Mistress wished to give. To accept each as the gift they were, gratefully and graciously. Unfortunately silence is not my forte.

Changing to the senior Dragon cane is an experience i will not forget in a hurry. My eyes followed Her tight latex that complimented Her perfect figure; She swapped to the longer, larger, heavier, nastier cane. So much accuracy and skill left me agonisingly conflicted between my very evident arousal and the torturous torment my body continued to willingly endure. I wanted to touch Her, to feel Her skin on mine. To feel Her pulse and see if it raced in time with my own. I craved to taste Her, to kiss Her, with every painful endurance I wanted Her to feel the pleasure. For Her hands to be running through my hair rather than my own, to be pulled about as Her glistening green eyes penetrated my soul, further deepening my obedience. I longed to surrender all I am. My screams met only by laughter, villainous giggles and further pain, my hands desperately wanting to cover my bottom but not naive enough to think i could get away with such a disobedient action. To cover the canvas Miss was trying to create Her art upon. Her soft sultry tones wetting my golden panties further, my body unsure of whether it was going to orgasm or break with each ruthless thud perfectly forced into my skin as Miss Nikki carved my flesh and spirit. Unlike the Junior the burn was different, it was longer and more exact. A dull pain filling my bottom like how the ocean engulfs all in it’s path, a monochrome of passionate distress broken up only by my softer counting whimpers, each sound getting me closer and closer to the final 12th, furiously determined not to forget the number and restart this damnable process. “11 thank You Miss” I found myself whimpering as I questioned my masochism, as I wondered how much harder the final strike would be and begged myself to take whatever She wanted. Reminding myself of my place, remembering how much I crave to submit, and submission is not only in the moments of comfort and pleasure but rather in the challenges. It is in the moments when we are pushed and yet still give our surrender willingly, allow whatever She wants to be and to do our best to take it with little complaint. Remembering how much i wanted to be controlled, to earn being told i was a good girl. Remembering that i had asked Miss Nikki for pain and offered Her my body to play with however She wanted. Remembering this is who rabbit is, who i am.

Her nails ran the course of Her art, soft gentle electric sensations with every touch. Feeling Her touch me, my body relaxing into the warm leather of the bench, the straps loosening and yet i was gone. Smiling and relaxed, floating in my ocean of ecstasy, enjoying the warmth as people spoke around me, grinning but unable to move and trying to make sense of the world around me.