Dressed in what Mistress considered to be a little girls dress we went off on an adventure. In the car, Mistress talked about how we had now long past Her limits so we’re working out mine. She doesn’t think we’re anywhere near my limits and the thought is almost scary and exciting in equal parts. I don’t think there would ever be anyone else I’d trust enough to push me like this and see how strong I can really be and there’s no one else I want it from. When I use to play with other Doms, I never said my safe word but I could always over power them and made it clear that I didn’t want them to push. Mistress said if we meet other Doms with Her that they will be real Doms and that they will push perhaps more than Her but I am to allow it. I think if Mistress is there it will be ok, I trust Her completely to take care of me and when the Dom was online it was fun. I think my fear is when someone eventually “breaks” me and finds a true limit it’s going to be incredibly tough and I need someone there I can trust to care and make sure I’m ok. I don’t know what or how far She’d have to go to break me, at times this week I’ve felt like my head will split open and that I would definitely be concussed but hearing or seeing Her made the pain dissipate instantly and I have no after effects.

We spent a good 3 minutes “Sightseeing” and then the bad weather drove us to go and eat in the warmth. Mistress took me to one of her favourite places and it was amazing, just relaxed laughing and fun over good food. We talked a lot and She let me know some details about Her life but had already explained that being private isn’t a punishment, it’s so when she goes away to play She can also have a type of break from Her reality. I get this now and feel stupid for thinking it was a punishment. All the same it was fun listening to Her talk and how she helped me yet again with difficulties I have.

As Mistress was tired we headed home after dinner and I was excited to go back to the chic apartment with Her. Once in the car the friend like attitude quickly exchanged to Mistress again. She played and squeezed and slapped me on the journey home like a toy. Once parked I walked to the local shop to get treats for Mistress and I. I love being able to spoil Her and give something back after all that She has given me. It was like my own little adventure (partly because I got lost again).

On returning to the apartment Mistress was in bed, she looked relaxed and happy. I eagerly poured the Baileys on ice and brought it to Mistress with Her favourite chocolate. She must have been happy with me as She let me suck and lick her pussy and asshole, She put my ice cream on it so I could lick it of and then put spoons of ice cream inside of Her so I could suck the ice cream out and clean my Mistress properly. We kept laughing and I loved being able to see her smile and know She was enjoying playing with me. Mistress said I needed to crave licking Her and I do, there is nothing I want more than to be Her slave and able to please Her and lick and suck. To be Her toy with an ever lasting battery.

After a long time had past Mistress stopped me licking and feeling Her, She ordered me onto the floor and then I heard Her beautiful moan as She squirted all over my face. I don’t think She has ever squirted so much with me and I felt myself wanting to taste Her, opening my mouth and moving my head up to catch it. I want everything that She gives me, I could feel it drip down my face and on my breasts and I couldn’t have been any happier. Once done, Mistress pointed out that with cum all I’ve my face, messy hair, bruises and black makeup running, I looked well used. I didn’t care what I looked like, I was my Mistress’s art. I was allowed to shower and clean myself up and then laid in bed with Mistress, falling into a deep sleep as she cuddled me and told me that She was happy I was there. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hear a sentence more than that. She was happy I was there.

So happy I was awoken at 4am by several hard hits to my right jaw. I was immediately told to get up and go kneel in the living room. Once there I was blindfolded and stood up. I could hear Mistress unroll tape and I quickly found myself being wrapped in cling film, legs together and hands by my side, completely immobilised and defenceless. The cling film was then round around my head and face, I am still surprised at how calm I remained. I trusted that she would let me breathe in time and just relaxed. Sure enough Mistress cut a mouth hole and then proceeded to wrap me in black tape until she was happy with Her art work. I was spun around as fast as I could move my feet and eventually pushed up against a wall with my head hitting it hard several times. I could feel the heat rising, my head ringing and everything compressed. Once against the wall, Mistress asked if I was comfortable. I of course say I wasn’t and started to list the reasons why. I was whipped on my thigh and arm. Hard.

Mistress asked again, She asked what I had. I had my mouth, I could breathe. I was whipped for missing the obvious, I also had Her. Mistress was there with me. I could see her but She was there. The more Mistress talked the more all Her words started to fall in place, I was breathing and able to eat and drink and I had Her. I didn’t need to be able to touch or see or hear Her but I still had my Mistress. I was still Her slave, entirely.

I was left standing for 2 hours with Mistress occasionally feeding me strawberries and a banana and Coldplay on repeat. She waited there to make sure I was ok, when my knees weakened Mistress licked my lips and immediately awakened me. She kept feeding me a strawberry and then whipped me, my leg was throbbing through the plastic but it didn’t matter. I had my Mistress and I could breathe.

I was then moved and laid down as Mistress went to sleep. The sweat trapped against my body started to itch and burn, I managed to reach round and itch it and in the process release my hands. I must have been lying there for several hours and it occurred to me several times that the sweat had loosened the plastic and that I could probably get out. I didn’t want to, this was how my Mistress wanted me and although I was becoming colder by the second and managed to curl myself up, I would leave her art work on me until She decided otherwise. The time passed pretty quickly and at 8am Mistress can out, kicked me in the stomach and stood on my already aching core muscles. She walked and jumped on me showing I was just Her toy, Her slave to do whatever She wanted with. Then I was cut out and told to get into bed. It took a while to warm up and although I wasn’t allowed to touch Mistress, I was grateful that She had allowed me back into bed to sleep and warm up.

For the first time since arriving I woke naturally about 10am, Mistress was already up watching TV and she allowed me to cuddle up to Her. She said I should suck all the energy I needed as it would be a while since I saw Her next. I always feel so safe and relaxed lying with Mistress and touching her soft skin. Just being able to relax and submit to Her, cuddle and kiss Her body as she pulls and squeezes the bruises that are already forming.

I made us breakfast again and then enjoyed lying next to Mistress one last time until we had to get ready to leave. I cleaned the apartment, scrubbing the black tape marks and wax up and folded Mistress’ clothes whilst She showered. I didn’t expect to enjoy doing these things but everything seems fun when I’m doing them for Her. In the middle of scrubbing Mistress walked out naked and put Her asshole infront of me. She let me lick her again and then Her pussy and Her asshole again. She sat on my face and used my tongue. Mistress said next time I should wear school uniform because I need to learn how to lick.

We said goodbye to the apartment just in time and went off to see the beach. It was cold and windy but pretty. I liked exploring this new town with Mistress and it was such a great few days that I’ll never forget. We got back in the car and took the scenic coastal road to the airport.

Mistress has a phone call and talked about changing Her plane. Instantly I knew who it must be. I figured Sir was there for the conference when Mistress mentioned it weeks ago, why else would She know about such a conference? I was excited and so grateful to Sir for calling, not only did it mean I get to spend a few extra hours with my Mistress, it also meant She trusted me to take me to see Sir again.

Once parked, I waited in a shoe shop as instructed, after a while Mistress took me upstairs to Sir’ apartment and I was told to sit on the sofa. I was mildly confused at being allowed to sit in clothes but the confusion quickly disappeared when Mistress told me to completely undress infront of them. I was standing there naked whilst Sir and Mistress casually talked, made himself hard and then Sir admired Her art work. I was getting a little embarrassed, it still feels weird to be Her toy on show but I needed to be on my best behaviour and I wanted to be. I was pushed to the floor whilst Mistress told Sir I was a spoilt brat. She pulled me around by my hair and then let me lick and suck Sir’ balls. I licked a lot, His balls and then asshole and then His balls again whilst Mistress sucked him and then joined me licking Sir’ balls. Mistress told me I could suck Sir but I apparently lacked “enthusiasm” so I was told to go back to licking His asshole. Sir didn’t speak much and only touched when holding my head so I didn’t go too hard but I could see him watching as we played.

I sucked and licked whilst watching Sir’s eyes roll and Him moan as he came in my Mistress’s mouth. I wanted that but I don’t know how to get it yet. Mistress then told me to lick Her asshole and I wanted to hear Her moan from it so badly. She pointed out to Sir that I can lick a hundred times better but it only seems to be for Her and when Mistress hurts me.

After they were both satisfied I was sent out the room to get dressed and occupy myself whilst they talked. Being sore and stiff I did some stretches and got caught in a headstand which Mistress made me hold until Sir had seen. Then we actually left for the airport. On the drive Mistress brought up how I don’t seem to have passion for anything but Her and Lander and has told me I need to go play and have sex with other people.

We talked at the airport about I need to be able to be happy without her there and not just for Her.
Unlike Valencia I didn’t feel sad when it was time to say goodbye, I know exactly what I need to do to show my Mistress I am worth Her time and I have just had an amazing 2.5 days with someone I adore, what more could I possible want? I hugged her tightly for as long as I could, smelt Her and listened to Her, memorising everything about my Mistress so that in the next few months when I miss Her I can remember everything. So I can remember who Owns me and how lucky I am, so I don’t forget any of the lessons She has taught me this week and that they remain firmly embedded into my new mindset. She’s given me back Alpha and now I have a chance to show my Mistress that I deserve the title and that I can live up to it. Only the best version of me is acceptable and that’s exactly what’s She’s going to get.

I am sore, aching, swollen and covered head to toe in Her bruises but I couldn’t be happier. I’m the slave lucky enough to have yet again spent time with my amazing Mistress and been allowed not only to please Her but to entertain two Doms, one of which is someone very important. I’m the slave lucky enough to have spent more than two days in the presence of my Mistress, completely at Her disposal and having fun whilst doing it. I don’t know how I never realised how lucky I was before, I assumed I was worthless to Her but that’s only what I make myself. I completely ignored the fact that my Mistress still messages me almost daily, She listens when I’m upset and hurt even when it’s irrational, that she cares for me even after I’ve been rude and a “dick”, She helps me everyday to become a better version of myself, that she’s been so so patient in helping me learn how to please Her and tolerating all my mistakes and acting out, even making excuses for me and that my Mistress has taken time out of Her very busy life to be with me and to let me please Her and not just because She was passing in the area. I am the luckiest slave ever and need to start acting like it.