Ross (equestrian Femsub at the Oubliette)

I stumbled across Rabbit’s profile on Twitter and was instantly intrigued by her profile and of course, attracted to her stunning pictures. Enlivened, I arranged to meet Rabbit for a three hour appointment.

I was quite specific about how I wanted her to dress and she duly obliged and when we met she looked quite frankly, stunning. As others may have observed before, Rabbit is even lovelier in the flesh than she is in her pictures. She’s also utterly charming and has the ability to instantly make one feel at ease. Within minutes we were chatting as if we’d known each other for the longest time and about a wide array of subjects.

I had a loose idea as to how the appointment was going to go and Rabbit was again, happy to oblige. Although, what happened during the date will stay between Rabbit and I, let’s just say we went a little “off script” and somewhat “freestyled” our date.

Rabbit was accommodating as you’d hope, as sensual as you would imagine and as uninhibited as you’d dare dream. The time just flew.

Meetings such as mine with Rabbit rarely live up to expectations this though, was the glorious exception. I’m already planning another meeting and I can’t wait for another helping of my favourite Bunny.