Remember your place

Her soft strong thighs gripped me as Her cold hand snapped me from my peaceful dreams. All pain was soon forgotten as a large grin filled my sore face and i gazed up at Her sparkling blue eyes and sadistic glare. I meekly managed to utter good morning only to be greeted with a further burning sting to my right cheek. My Mistress was most surely home.

“I want you up, showered and in your waiting position by 8am, do you understand princess”

The p word was never good. That cheeky grin enthusiastically slid from my face as my mind wandered through the weeks events wondering what i had done to cause this punishment. Mistress was away on work, how could She have possibly known i’d skipped the gym two of the days and slept in. I made sure Sir was kept entertained and Her horses had been exercised. Without hesitation, as soon as i was un-straddled i ran to the bathroom and prepared myself, ensuring my skin was smooth and soft, my face delicately painted and my hair tied back into a pony tail. My heart was pounding as though i had been running as i silently made my way to the lounge and gently dropped to my knees, my flushed face bowed and palms resting upon my knees.

I could not have been waiting for more than 5 minutes but the time dragged into an eternity I dared not breathe let alone look up as They walked in. The aroma of coffee filling the room, encouraging soft grumbling from my empty stomach. The excruciating tension that filled my body now only intensified by my realisation of missing my morning caffeine and know how frustrated Miss appeared, the likelihood of me not leaving the room for a while. Sirs bare feet firmly walked across the wooden floor until he was sitting on the spanking chair, ready to hold me down and warm me up for Her sadistic desires.

“Look at Me girl” Her sultry voice executed, filling the room with ominous echoes and reminders of past punishments. “Mr Grey has informed me you broke yet another glass this week. It’s just acceptable little one, how can You be trusted to serve at Our parties with this clumsiness. This is for your own good, I’d hate to have to punish you infront of all Our friends should you make this mistake tomorrow night. Get over his knee and don’t forget to thank My kind husband for wanting to warm you up.”

The stickiness began to reach my thighs as Sir grabbed me like a doll and placed me onto his lap, my bare bottom perched high and tensing in preparation of His firm hands. With each slap the warm glow of kindness filled my cheeks and my nunny throbbed uncontrollably, each strike harder than the last as though His hands slowly changed from warm flesh to hard oak. My whimpers completely ignored as longingly looked across the room at the exquisite Woman picking out canes, the nefarious glint in the bright blue eyes locking with mine as She taunted my vulnerability with a malevolent grin. I had no-where to run to, no escape from this life. Her word was final, arguments were futile and merely earnt me further uncomfortable punishments.

Once satisfied with his warm-up, Sir grabbed my hair, forcing me further onto His lap and my tip toes, my red bottom perfectly prepared and my pliable body restrained as Her sharp fingers traced my thighs until She could feel my excitement on Her skin. A wet frustrated mess unable desperate to surrender to Mistress’ debaucherous intents, craving Her training so that i could make Her proud.

My deep breaths appear to fill the room, my fear evident for all to acknowledge and enjoy. Before i had any chance to think or beg for mercy the first sting laid onto my bare bottom. No amount of warm up really prepares You for the intensity of a Womans cane, the swift accurate movement ensuring a perfectly symmetrical line across my soft skin. The defenseless scream escaping my parched throat as i struggled to regain composture. Kicking my legs into the air in an hysterical desperate attempt to seek mercy as Sir pinned me between his crisp white shirt and thick quads. He was always so much meaner when Mistress was present, like He needed to prove his sadism and loyalty to Her cause. Relentlessly the hard bamboo kissed my skin over and over until i had lost count of the strikes, it didn’t matter anyway, we would only be done once my beautiful Mistress was satisfied with Her artwork and confident i would not forget the lesson. My screams and cries filled the old library, my back arching and thighs trembling at the insatiable agony as i secretly begged my body to relax and accept the pain as the malevolent gift it was intended.

Clearly irritated by my incessant sounds so early in the morning, Her crisp, posh voice flooded my ears. “Remember your place little one, you are Mine, My property, My flesh to shred as I please, My spirit to break at will. Your suffering is My pleasure and My pleasure is your only purpose. Do not forget your place in this family.” Tears dribbling down my cheeks as i furiously held back my intense desire to scream through the pain. Blood trickled down my bottom to meet the warm stickiness already accumulated between my thighs, my body confused in the euphoria of pain and pleasure as endorphins flooded my defenceless body, Sirs hands firmly holding me still and unable to squirm or collapse onto the floor until it came. The familiar flood rushing over me as i finally relaxed into my fate. Floating in an ocean of raw, aching euphoria. My senses overwhelmed as the agony left me wetter and wetter. My body changing from fighting the agony to welcoming the burning sensations as i started to feel more bloody drops escape my body. Her body. Drowning in the pleasurable endorphins the room disintegrated around me until all that remained was the piercing depravity and the beautiful woman delivering it.

Her caning unrelenting, each strike slicing through my skin, the burning sting soaring around my body for a few seconds after each impact and yet not dissipated or forgotten before the next vicious strike. I was Theirs (or I suppose more accurately Hers), I had no choice but to surrender to Her dominance, Her power, Her insatiable need to see me suffer by Her request and test how far She could push my body. I should really be grateful it was only my bottom that recieved the cane this time, my feet were still reminded with every feeble step of last weeks single tail bastinado for merely not keeping my heels down when jumping.

“Fuck her bloody arse darling, but don’t let the little slut cum. I want her desperately on edge and eager to please the guests at tomorrow’s dinner party.” Thrown up against the desk, i just about managed to watch Her long toned and tanned legs glide across the polished surface and those red soles leave the room as She presumably headed to Her office to start work.