Silver (The meet and greet)

Session details are discussed prior to meeting, you pick my lingerie or outfit and specify any toys you would like me to bring. I am happy to travel local to Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Lancashire for Silver sessions.

90mins - £420

2 hours – £550

A shopping trip: £100 deposit and a spending allowance to be negotiated prior to the meet (minimum £500). Shopping trips can also incorporate lunch/dinner/cocktails.

Gold (The full Rabbit experience)

Planning and pre-session is the same as for Silver sessions however I am happy to travel throughout the UK for Gold sessions (with the exception of the social date). For locations further than 1hrs from me there is a discretionary additional charge to cover the additional travel expenses. Gold sessions allow for a more relaxed time together, to truly explore one another and lose ourselves in your fantasy.

The dinner date: Up to 2 hours playtime and the remainder social (3 hour total) – £700

The playdate: 3/4 hours playtime and up to 1 hour allowed for social afterwards at my discretion (dinner/drinks) – £800/£1000

The social date: up to 6 hours social time only (sport/hike/picnic/theatre/dinner etc.) – £500

Platinum (The Rabbit addict)

I am happy to travel for Platinum sessions, for UK mainland locations further than 2hr from me there is a discretionary charge to cover the additional travel expenses and for oversea locations/FMTY the flight/train cost will be added to the booking total.

Half day: 8 hours together during the daytime, either relaxed with social time (theatre, meals out, sports etc) or a more intense 8 hours of pure play – £1200/£1600

Relaxed Overnight: 14/16 hour overnight, of which incorporates 6 hours min sleep – £1500/£1800

Midnight party: 12 hour overnight with no minimum sleep – £2500

24 Hours a slave: 24 hours with me anywhere in the world including a minimum of 8 sleeping hours and 2 meals – £2200

Long weekend: 2nights/3days anywhere in the world relaxing and getting up to mischief with me and making magical memories we can cherish forever – £3500

Escape Together: 6nights/7days anywhere in the world spent relaxing and creating magical memories together - £6000

The commitment: 25/50 hours to be used within a year of first booking (usual 2/3hr minimum applies depending on location), can be used anywhere in the world but travel costs will need to be covered each time (£60 for London or Scotland or flights etc). Let's curate a year to never forget... £5000/£9000

Longer periods : POA

*For intense CP sessions with the intention to mark and bruise past 1 day, there is an additional £200 per 30 medium-hard strokes. Split skin is still a hard limit.


Please see my twitter/X or telegram channel for all upcoming tour dates and incall availability, for incalls when  touring my rates are as follows:

1 hour: £300 (London £300)

90 mins: £450 (London £450)

2 hours: £550 (London £600)

3 hours: £800 (London £900)

4 hours: £1000 (London £1100)

Rope Playdate

Rope playdates can be held in my private rope rooms (you must not be allergic to animals) or if not there will be a travel charge and facility hire on top. They are broken down into 1hr blocks as from experience that allows a relaxed floor or suspension scene and some aftercare. You may book up to 4 hours.

For this session there is no option for outfit request, I will be wearing something casual and comfortable and if any minimal makeup. These are platonic sessions and do not incorporate other kinks (excluding sensory deprivation whilst in bondage and foot/leg worship as part of your aftercare if desired), rope playdates are simply about the rope bondage. If you would like rope to be incorporated into another session type that is no problem but rates and session layouts as described above.

Please include your previous rope experience, if you'd prefer floor or suspension rope, your body size/type and any injuries I should be aware of so that I can plan accordingly.

Bringing Starbucks with you is always appreciated.



Complete the form and send it to me

Please note, all sessions are carried out on an outcall basis unless touring.