New York Mercy (Fantasy)

Awoke to an ominous darkness and the unmistakable sultry voice of MIstress, my eyes covered by a silky material with a knot clearly formed underneath my ponytail. What time was it? Was I still in the penthouse? The night before seemed a dream away, bathing in bubbles and drinking champagne from the perfect mouth of Miss. It’s always the best tasting champagne when you feel the warmth drip from Her mouth into mine. As my nerves became all the more apparent how I craved to be back in Her arm’s in that bath, enclosed in the safety of warmth.

I could feel Miss there yet had come to recognise the cold hard leather that lay around my wrists and throat and a gentle breeze that seemed to whisper in the room heightening my senses. Before I had a chance to adjust to the dimming light that came through the silk Her razor sharp nails ran along my decolletage finding their way around my throat until the tips dug into the soft flesh rendering unable to move away. Without words my body ceremoniously was dragged across the cold marble floor into what felt like the outside. The breeze dancing around my naked body, immediately reminding me of my vulnerability and yet there was no where else I would rather be than in the control of Miss Suzanna, completely at Her mercy, all that I am is Hers. Miss’ recognisably seductive giggle appeared, I imagine She was biting Her lip at the excitement of capturing Her bunny in a New York penthouse. The cuffs around my wrists were pulled up forcing me painfully onto my bare tip toes, the wind growing stronger as it licked across my skin and wrapped between my legs. At least the wind provided an alibi to the goosebumps developing across my body as my excitement only grew with Miss running Her nails down my back, marking the S like a lioness toying with Her prey before the hunt. Marking was was already Hers to take. My arousal only increasing by the second, sticky wet liquid already dripping down my right leg for Miss, the desperation only growing yet knowing that in my current predicament I was undoubtedly going to suffer for Miss’ amusement first.

Then it came. Her voice elegant and calm yet with a daring undertone cutting through the wind like a true Goddess speaking. “Are you ready little bunny, it’s time to teach you to dance.” My bottom immediately clenched tight ready for impact as I quietly uttered the words I knew She was waiting for. Inevitable words that would invite Her beautiful torture. “Yes Miss, whatever You want.”

Before the last syllable had chance to escape my still sleepy mouth it happened. The burning coarsed across my back, every nerve awoke, every muscle tense as the first whip landed like a perfectly wielded blade slicing through me. I didn’t have chance to scream before another came. This time my head whipped back as a cry filled the open sky only to be heard by the eagles. I could hear Her smile, without seeing I could see how Her face lights up when I happily suffer for Her. Her gentle touch tracing the fresh two line burned into my skin, I could feel the Miss as Her studded tongue so delicately ran their course, Her teeth biting down on my neck as Miss casually ran Her nefarious hand between my legs, confirming what She already knew to be true. Hearing my body scream its desperation to Her in the only way it could for noise was no longer of much use.

The sting returned to my upper back but this time more manageable, Her touch had allowed me to relax into my submission and so I hung as delicately as one can in the night breeze whilst the nylon cracker caressed my skin with malicious intent again and again and again. The relentless monochrome of torment encased my body, imploring me to sing in desperate screams that were framed by the exquisitely enslaving laughter of Miss Suzanna as She adored the writhing and dancing of Her prey with each expertly given crack.

Another tactfully placed break was gifted as Miss graciously lifted what could only be a champagne flute to my lips and poured the unfamiliar liquid into my dry mouth. I furiously engolfed the liquid thankful after what had felt to be hours of screams only to after realise what I had consumed. A rabbit struggles to hide emotions from her face and with such the shock and disgust that must clearly have been apparent only entertained Miss all the more inspiring Her teeth to lock onto my right nipple as Her fingers found their way inside my dripping pedra. She mocked and taunted at how wet I had become, how I was Hers and She had all the control. How She could merely whip me until I my skin was raw and then deny me of the pleasure I so urgently seeked. Her pleasure. Aroused by Her own malevolent ideas and the knowing that I would do and take anything to make Her happy, Miss found Her strength in night and yielded Her whip again. The crack deafening against the silence of only cold air 50 floors high in the middle of a city that never sleeps. I gave Miss everything I was an am as my legs danced with each kiss of the whip, a whip I had bought Her nearly a year ago. The blindfold was now dripping in my sweat, liquid covering my body as Her intoxicating laughter filled me with a calm excitement like the ocean whispering before a storm. Lost in a trance of euphoric pain and the happiness of hearing Miss so pleased my body despite physically being so weak had never felt so strong. Covered in Miss’ art, I could not see them but feeling how She so delicately traced the lines and kissed each one I knew they were a thing of beauty and that I was once again Her art.

My pressure on my wrists was slowly reduced but unable to focus my muscles I merely dropped to my knees, hearing them crash against the cold stone of the balcony but the pain non existent with the food of endorphins that now coursed through my blood. My Miss Suzanna intoxication and addiction only deepened. I felt her warm petite legs in front of me adorned in Her usual bedtime pants. A Woman of such power and dominance does not need leather or latex to enforce Her glittering dominance. As my hands felt up the familiar curves of MIss’ perfectly toned art adorned legs She graciously removed the blindfold so I could see Her in all Her beauty against the crisp night sky. Like a dark magical fairy, so majestic and seductive yet so much I still have yet to understand. So many wickedly playful ideas clearly dancing around Her mind, only for Miss to know and hopefully for Her bunny to one day discover. As Miss ran Her fingers through my hair I stared up into Her glistening eyes, so entrancing and full of innocent, bright life I forgot to listen to Miss. I was sharply reminded my place as Her manicured hand connected with my cheek, extending the burning sensation from the rest of my body to my face and reminding me I was on my knees before my Queen, only to be focused on Her desires and wants. “now little bunny, since you have been such a good girl, once you have showered I am going to fuck your pretty new bottom and only once you have had 3 orgasms shall I let you between my legs.” As always Miss spoke with such precision, so knowing of what was to happen as though it already had, I found myself quietly smiling, blissful and empowered to take whatever Miss had planned.