Miss Suzanna and Her female prosub

i arrived, full of excitement and nervousness. my first session with Miss Suzanna and Her female prosub.
How would it go? Miss Suzanna had explained that there was no way i would be permitted to do anything to the sub. It would be all about humiliating me and recognising me for what i am – nothing.

W/w/we exchanged pleasantries and Miss Suzanna introduced us – “rabbit, mushroom; mushroom, rabbit” Miss Suzanna looked gorgeous. i was ordered to go into the adjoining room, remove my clothes and wait in the required position.

i didn’t have long to contemplate my place as i saw 2 pairs of legs enter the bedroom. 1 pair of shoes approached me, and i reverentially kissed Mistress’ shoes.
Mistress pointed out my red thighs to rabbit. “Tell rabbit why they are red”. “i was disobedient”. “Tell her how”. i released 3 times without permission”, i said shamefaced. rabbit looked suitably horrified. “And i hit his thighs – fresh meat” Miss Suzanna added.

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