Miss Rabbit

For sometime I have felt my Dominance grow, I have allowed this facet of my being to develop its own consciousness to the point that it now desires to be satisfied and nothing less than your submission will suffice. Kneeling for me, worshipping me, suffering for me. These will become intrinsic parts of your being, they will drive you to do better as we explore your submission. You maybe kneeling or tightly restrained but freedom comes to those in chains.

You will call me Miss, Miss Rabbit or Princess. I will allow you to adore me, to desire me, to want me but, you shall not have me. I will be your sadist, your tease, you captor and you will be grateful for it. You exist purely for my pleasure, whatever I deem that to be. Allow me to drag you into my Rabbit hole, down the dirty tunnels of debauchery and deviance. Allow me to corrupt you like you’ve never felt before.

Ready to Apply?

    I will require proof of ID and a deposit prior to our meeting. You may attach photo ID here: