Dominate me

What is your deepest darkest fantasy? Have you ever dreamt of having a curvy, athletic plaything desperate for you, waiting on your every word, eager to please you however you desire. Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a beautiful young toy tied up at your mercy, to taunt and torture as you see fit?

I knelt on the cold hard floor, sight removed by the soft fabric he had placed over my eyes, I waited. Vulnerable, rope firmly holding my hands behind my back, biting my lip in eager anticipation waiting for Sir to touch me, desperate for him to play with me. A sharp cold metal suddenly met my skin and ran along my inner arm, I could hear Sir’s soft breath in my ear as my body tried to collapse against his warm chest. His hand gripping my throat holding me still as Sir continued to run the cold metal down my breast all the way to my sticky, wet girl parts. As my breathing deepened I managed a soft whimpering whisper “ please Sir, please fuck me”

Allow me Sir to lead you down the rabbit hole into a land where fantasies are fulfilled and your kinky desires become your reality. Allow me to surrender to you my mind and body to play with.

I offer three main experiences: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of the experiences will be tailored to you and your desires. I can be the perfect submissive girlfriend, your obedient fuck-toy or a high protocol female slave. Your fantasy, you decide.

Within Platinum there is the option to Own me for a half day, a full day or longer. My submission will be yours, play with me, dominate me, do with me whatever your kinky heart desires. Have you ever dreamt of spending a full day with a submissive girlfriend, having her cook you breakfast naked with only a butt plug and collar adorning her body?

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an exquisite, obedient toy that will please and pleasure you whenever you desire?

Perhaps you fantasise about taking your submissive girlfriend out in a tight black dress, butt plug and nothing else? Watching me squirm and blush as the stickiness grows between my legs as you whisper in my ear what you will do to me later.

Maybe we won’t leave your bedroom, would you enjoy having me tied up, vulnerable and at your mercy… ready to spanked, teased, tortured or fucked whenever you desire?

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