New York Mercy (Fantasy)

Awoke to an ominous darkness and the unmistakable sultry voice of MIstress, my eyes covered by a silky material with a knot clearly formed underneath my ponytail. What time was it? Was I still in the penthouse? The night before seemed a dream away, bathing in bubbles and drinking champagne from the perfect mouth of […]


Whiplash Wonders

My first doubles day of the new year and second visit to play at Whiplash Towers was upon us. Excited to be in FemDom and playing was an understatement, I had bravely mentioned to Miss Nikki beforehand about caning and secretly hoped it would be harsher than the first time. I was so ready to […]


Blood, Sweat and Tears

The evening had come, I couldn’t be more excited if I tried to the point I could barely sit still for the drive back from Kent. I had the outfit planned, to arrive at the Dungeon in simply lace lingerie and my new embroided dressing gown. So excited. I have played with others in dungeons […]


Electric Tears

Dressed head to toe in glistening latex I was ready for the final night of Domme Trips. There’s something above being covered in latex that is so seductive, I couldn’t keep my hands off myself, the silk feel of rubber skin melting into my own. The only thing that could make this better would be […]


Scream b’neath the Mexican Sky

Mistress had the heels packed and mentioned several times of Her intent to trample me so it really shouldn’t have been a shock to see Her walk out with the unmistakable cruelly spiked heels accompanied by Mistress’s new purple rope and diamonté cuffs. I was already dressed in the electric belt Mistress had borrowed from […]


Cry Me a River

I’d wanted to play for a while and I’d mentioned to Mistress that I wanted to cry, the last few weeks have been crazy and I can’t help but feel that all the emotions are hiding inside me, exhausting me. The problem is I wasn’t sure if I could cry from pain but I know […]


Birthday Beatings

I don’t normally celebrate my birthday, it’s just a day that happens like every other day of the year, nothing special, nothing worth celebrating. Goddess disagreed and so we compromised and I celebrated my birthday. Waking up after a relaxing lie in to messages from so many awesome kinky people helped but better yet I […]


Devious Glitter

So much glitter and so much sparkle. I couldn’t help but smile helping transform the hall into shiny pride heaven, everyone worked so well together and my lack of common sense seemed to go unnoticed amongst the focus and determination to create the colourful yet evil paradise before guests started to arrive. I quickly got […]


New Introductions

The familiar concoction of nerves and excitement greeted me as I arrived at LAM, I couldn’t wait to look around the stalls properly for once and see what toys there are. Heels and cute underwear made sure to remove the anxiety, walking in alone didn’t matter as long as I looked cute with my head […]



Dressed in what Mistress considered to be a little girls dress we went off on an adventure. In the car, Mistress talked about how we had now long past Her limits so we’re working out mine. She doesn’t think we’re anywhere near my limits and the thought is almost scary and exciting in equal parts. […]


Sharp Intentions

My somewhat boring evening was about to take a turn as Mistress was letting me come over. I was desperate for Her to play with me and even the thought of having nipple clamps on for hours couldn’t deter me. The drive felt like it took hours but finally I was parked outside. I never […]


Rope Burn

I had put my new little black dress and pretty lace underwear on, perhaps a little overdressed but I was excited to see Mistress again and without any idea of what to expect. I met Mistress and her friends outside, I’m still constantly surprised at how friendly everyone is and how easy they are to […]


Remember your place

Her soft strong thighs gripped me as Her cold hand snapped me from my peaceful dreams. All pain was soon forgotten as a large grin filled my sore face and i gazed up at Her sparkling blue eyes and sadistic glare. I meekly managed to utter good morning only to be greeted with a further […]