Blood, Sweat and Tears

The evening had come, I couldn’t be more excited if I tried to the point I could barely sit still for the drive back from Kent. I had the outfit planned, to arrive at the Dungeon in simply lace lingerie and my new embroided dressing gown. So excited. I have played with others in dungeons before, I have been to parties in dungeons before, I have filmed in a dungeon before. This was the first time Mistress and I would play completely alone in Her kinky playground, I was no more than a child who’d been promised a trip to the sweet shop.

As I pulled up the last stocking and put the clips in place the nerves started. Mistress is a sadist and had given no indication of what Her plans were for the evening. I made the assumption is must be to do with the large spreader bar, maybe the wooden kneeling block or perhaps rope. A mixture of eagerness and butterflies tore through my body. All I knew is that I had promised to make more of an effort to behave and give Mistress my full submission, do whatever it takes to make Her happy. That’s all that mattered.

I arrived grinning and trying to condense my child like enthusiasm with my phone but Mistress quickly removed the distraction. It was just U/us. Like with the boys, Mistress was clear with how I should be waiting for Her. My stockings rested on the large red rug as I sat back on my patent heels, kneeling, awaiting my Queen. My fingers ran gently through the rug, drawing patterns to pass the time until I heard the sultry voice of Mistress instruct my head down. I felt her cold delicate hands around my neck as She adjusted my collar, adding a connector and cold heavy chain to the dainty purple collar. She took the lead and as I felt the collar pull my to Her throne, sure enough I looked up there was my beautiful Mistress standing tall in leather, looking so radiantly beautiful I could do nothing but stare and grin. All nerves dissipated and the warm tingle between my legs awoke. I was where I belonged, kneeling silently at my Mistress’ Louboutin clad feet. Her dominance so natural, as though we were merely at the yard. She instructed me to worship Her Bianca’s. Her voice so gentle and coaxing that although worship isn’t really something I have ever desired to do before it was barely a second before I found my lips kissing Her boots. It felt so natural, admiring how they moulded onto Mistress’ delicate feet, making sure I covered every mm and adored each foot with equal enthusiasm. My legs slowly opening wider as I found my arousal growing like an unearthed hunger desperate to be satisfied, desperate to show my Mistress how much I adored all of Her. She teased at how a few months prior I had struggled with heel worship at an event and yet how easy I seemed to be finding it then as my lips caressed the suede. Once content with the worship, I found myself crawling on all fours behind Mistress as She so elegantly glided along the floor of Her dark palace.

Onto the bench I went. The leather straps soon hugged my legs and wrists and back as I was reminded of my wriggling tendencies. My legs spread eagle as the tightness kept them still against the cold leather. Then my panties were pulled down. Confusion soared through me, why would Mistress drop my panties if She planned to cane me? What if She was going to butt fuck me? I wasn’t prepared, I hadn’t taken an enema, what if I was messy? The nervous thoughts were quickly displaced by ice cold lube and the seductive laughter from my squirming. I didn’t have a choice so overthinking was futile. I forced myself to relax despite the cold and allow as Mistress slipped what She described as a “pretty pink butt plug” in. I’m so glad I was baby smooth down there. Then came the pain. Her hand landing firmly on my butt cheeks, the sting triggering my girly smile as the hits came harder one after the other. My body relaxing and bouncing with each impact. The next toy had somewhat of a more bunny like reaction. It stung more than any paddle I’ve been hit with. The large surface area pushing into my bottom and filling the room with a thud. I couldn’t seem to remain still to start, it was so unfamiliar. Mistress taunted me as my bottom bounced as far as the straps allowed. “Leather paddle” I yelped as She made me guess the weapon, running Her sharp nails down my red skin as She spoke, Her skin on mine reminding me I was Hers to torture but safe. My hair covering my face removed any sight advantage and the next hit confirmed I was wrong. Her siren like voice had me desperately guessing with each incorrect guess leaving another painful burning strip on my skin. “Leather” “Latex” “Paddle”. Finally as my body was giving in and adjusting to the sensation, my reaction growing less dramatic, I guessed it. “Rubber Tause”.

Suitably warmed up Mistress allowed me down from the bench only to place my burning bottom on the ice cold leather of the bondage bed. As I lay there watching Her blonde hair frame Her perfect face I started to realise my fate. With each piece of leather I was becoming more and more restrained. My arms and legs fixed in place leaving my body vulnerable. My chest strapped firmly down preventing any quick reflexes. I was completely at Mistress’s mercy. All I had left was my voice and a slight wiggly ability. Restraint in itself has made me panic before, the idea of being completely out of control, of my submission having to be complete and not being able to defend myself in anyway. Yet panic is not what I felt. Excitement, nerves at the sight of Mistress dragging the medical cabinet over, adoration for the exquisite Woman smiling in front of me but not panic. I wanted to stay still more than anything. To show Mistress I could behave for Her and make Her proud. We had played with staples before, I could do this! Oh how I underestimated Mistress’ intent. The stapler tormented me, Her bewitching smile teasing me as She taunted about stapling my lips and my clit but kindly decided to start with some simple art. An MT stapled in lace. I loved watching Her as it formed, the concentration on Her perfect face as She made sure Her art was perfect. Watching as the lace flowed into Her initials, feeling privileged that Mistress was signing Her initials on me. Honoured that again Mistress wanted Her mark on me.

My nipples however were far less easy to relax and enjoy. Mistress laughed as Her rabbit squealed and wiggled before She had even placed the gun on skin. I started to relax, perhaps it was a joke and She wouldn’t really be that sadistic… surely not knowing how sensitive my nipples are. Before I had a second to realise quite how wrong I was the first staple was in. A tragic sob left my mouth as the sharp pain soared through me, my back starting to warm against my restraints, lubricated by my sweat. Then the next and the next and the next. How was She putting so many staples into one nipple. Sobs became screams as the pain only intensified. No day dream or nipple clamp could ever prepare me for the sharp unrelenting sensation of staples firmly secured in my nipple. Tears were already running down my face, slowly rubbing away the make-up I had so carefully applied for Mistress. Even through the screams I desperately struggled to keep focus, to watch Mistress and focus on Her enjoyment. Her smile was only growing as I think She started to realise I was very far away from my comfort zone and I had no control. It was all Hers, given willingly to my one true and only Mistress. 6 staples so elegantly pierced into my most sensitive nipple. I immediately knew that would mean 6 staples to my left nipple too. Squirming and wiggling was futile, it merely prolonged the torture. Fluttering in and out of sub-space unable to stabilise with the insane amount of adrenaline coursing in my veins Mistress knew exactly what to do. Doxy time.

My whimpers silenced and became moans of pleasure as soon as Her sparkly nails pressed the button on that magical vibrating contraption. Locked between my legs I sunk back into ecstasy gazing up at my exquisite Mistress in all Her glory. Despite not being my sensitive nipple, the 6 in my left hurt no less. By the time all 6 were neatly placed in my nipple, my leg was uncontrollably shaking. Both nipples throbbed and even through tears I couldn’t feel happier. It may not have been the pain I expected but I was proud Mistress wanted to play and felt that I was strong enough to be pushed. If only the staples ended there. There was still plenty of lace left… and my girl parts down under had yet to be marked. Sobbing and begging Her not to, unsure of if anything I said would make a difference and stupidly making comments along the lines of “please Mistress not that, it might hurt” it hit me like a train. I have no limits with Mistress, I have given Her my submission and I am Hers. I was not the one in control.

Mistress looked ready to staple my clit, the other two She had put in there were perfectly aligned and I feared my screaming and incessant begging was only going to lead to a gag not a release. I wanted to be brave for Her, She was so beautiful, like a powerful Greek Goddess. Her smile glowing from Her face with pure sadistic energy. So entrancing, so inescapable and so addictive. I have little faith that my begs made a difference but Mistress’ attention quickly changed to spraying deep heat onto the vagina staples and then planning Her next boob art piece. The lace wound around my nipples, staples calculatingly placed on the border between nipple and boob. Each time I relaxed a little too much and perhaps looked as though I wasn’t in pain, Mistress squeezed one of my metal adorned nipples bringing back to the reality with an unforgettable laugh. So intoxicating it almost made the pain pleasurable. I don’t recall the noises, the world had started to blur and become a haze of Her beauty through my constant flow of tears, the sharp pains and throbs in my boobs and chest, and the alluring quietness of the Dungeon. When the needles appeared and Mistress made Her intent clear I failed to be brave. I told Her I was nervous and I didn’t know if I could be brave for Her. Disappointment in myself started to creep in but as before my Mistress couldn’t have been any more perfect in Her dominance. “Sometimes rabbit, brave is the only choice we have”. That settled it, armed with being uncontrollably turned on by Mistress and the gentle Doxy vibrations, I was going to be brave and take as many needles as She wanted.

Unlike the instant sting of a staple followed by a throbbing burn, needles are more relaxing. The sting long and dull as the metal makes it’s way slowly through the skin. Speech was no longer even possible so I lie as still as my body allowed and merely gazed up at Her exquisite fiery beauty as She so gently and carefully placed them one after the other through my skin. Gently adjusting until Her art was right. I will always remember that alluring evil smile as She drove the first needle through a nipple. My head thrown back followed by screams as though murder had been committed. The pain did not retire, it intensified as the needle tore its way through my nipple and under every staple. Even once it the burn was near unbearable. I begged for a few seconds to breathe before the second, crying Her a river as I did so. I hated that I was begging but the pain was different from anything I have experienced. So intense and in such a small area. The second nipple hurt more than the first and I released what I thought was a final scream.

Exhausted and dripping in my own body fluids I lie there. A piece of medical art, a bloody little rabbit soaked in her own sweat and tears. Pierced and aching all over.

I barely felt the majority being removed, perhaps a slight skin pull but no pain. Endorphins were flooding me, unable to think or speak I just lie there in a mess. The nipples however were a different story. The screams moulded into deeper cries and growls. My body and mind had long surrendered to Mistress and whatever pain She was to inflict but my voice remained a little rogue. I tried counting but it became impossible. My brain was no longer functioning, all I could do is lie there and watch as this majestic woman carefully made sure everything was out, as She wiped me down and touched me. Her skin so beautifully soft caressing mine. She was speaking but I couldn’t understand it, I must have looked an idiot just staring up, attempting to smile. The straps had all been removed without me noticing and I lie there on the bed flooded with endorphins and happiness, relief and despite wishing I could have given Her more, proud that She looked so happy and I had been the reason for it.

I cuddled up to Mistress, my head resting gently on Her warm perfect chest. I was safe and happy and so lucky. The Doxy back on my wet and erect clit but finding myself struggling to focus on the orgasm as all I wanted was to kiss Her skin. To worship every part of Her, I wanted to give Her pleasure and say thank You in any way I could. When the O finally came, it was good. Climaxing as my fingers ran up Her perfect legs and my face firmly nuzzled into Her. I was calm and safe, with my stunning Mistress. Her art. Hers to hurt. Her rabbit. The luckiest rabbit ever that has still yet to stop smiling, I can only hope if I get the privilege to be on my knees for Mistress again, next time I can be a braver girl for Her.